Free avatars and animated emoticons, fantasy, funny, cars and so on

What is an avatar:
A graphical image of a user, such as used in graphical real-time Chat applications,
or, a graphical personification of a computer or a computer process,
intended to make the computing or network environment a more friendly place, an avatar is most commonly used in web forums and chat rooms.

You are welcome to use these avatars in forums, please do not link directly to these avatars.
All you need to do is right-click with your mouse on the avatar and choose "Save Image As" to download it and upload
to the forum where is it intended to be used.Have fun!
Indian avatars and cliparts Harry Potter avatars and animations Halloween avatars Disney avatars, Merida vd film Brave
Avatar (movie) 3D avatars Harry Potter Smoking
Alphabet Doctor Who Indians South park
Animee Dollz Manga SpongeBob
Animals Dwarves The Matrix Sports
Antique Easter Mermaids Starcraft
Art Elves and angels Monuments Star Wars
Boats Emoticons Mortal Kombat Strange
Cars Eyes Motorbikes St. Patricks Day
Cars-oldtimers Fantasy Music Superman
Celebrity Flags Nature Text
Children Flowers New year Tux
Chinese signs/dragons Food Neopets Valentine
Christmas Funny Paris Hilton Vishnu
Countries (12) Globes Planes WarCraft
Disney Gothic Second life Zodiacs
Dragons Halloween Smileys  
Why not direct or hotlinking?
If you dont have your own online serverspace you can use one of the many providers wich offers image uploading for free,
you can hotlink those images to your own site. ----Free-image-hosting---- Linkpartners
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